Alone on a mountaintop summary

See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text A Titans mission in Rome goes as smoothly as it could, with just one building doing up in flames. The problem is, the building is historical, and the flames came from a flamethrower Robin either got or lifted from Red Hood.

Alone on a mountaintop summary

Chapman Summary of Action: Inhe cross-trained to become an Air Force combat controller. According to friends and family, Sergeant Chapman had a tendency to make the difficult look effortless, and consistently sought new challenges.

Dating back to his high school days, he made the varsity soccer squad as a freshman. Also an avid muscle-car enthusiast, he rebuilt and maintained an old Pontiac GTO. Only about one in ten Airmen who start the program graduate.

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From months of rigorous physical fitness Alone on a mountaintop summary to multiple joint schools — including military SCUBA, Army static-line and freefall, air traffic control, and combat control schools — Sergeant Chapman is remembered as someone who could do anything put in front of him.

The mountain of Takur Ghar was an ideal spot for such an observation post, with excellent visibility to key locations. For Sergeant Chapman and his joint special operations teammates, the mission on the night of March 3 was to establish a reconnaissance position on Takur Ghar and report al Qaeda movement in the Sahi-Kowt area.

A rocket propelled grenade struck the helicopter and bullets ripped through the fuselage. The blast ripped through the left side of the Chinook, throwing Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Neil Roberts off the ramp of the helicopter onto the enemy-infested mountaintop below.

The severely damaged aircraft was unable to return for Petty Officer Roberts, and performed a controlled crash landing a few miles from the mountaintop. Thus began the chain of events that led to unparalleled acts of valor by numerous joint special operations forces, the deaths of seven U.

Alone, against the elements and separated from his team with enemy personnel closing in, Petty Officer Roberts was in desperate need of support. The remaining joint special operations team members, fully aware of his precarious situation, immediately began planning a daring rescue attempt that included returning to the top of Takur Ghar where they had just taken heavy enemy fire.

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Miraculously, the helicopter, although heavily damaged, was able to successfully offload the remaining special operations team members and return to base. Sergeant Chapman, upon exiting the helicopter, immediately charged uphill through the snow toward enemy positions while under heavy fire from three directions.

Once on the ground, the team assessed the situation and moved quickly to the high ground. The most prominent cover and concealment on the hilltop were a large rock and tree.

As they approached the tree, Sergeant Chapman received fire from two enemy personnel in a fortified position.

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He returned fire, charged the enemy position and took out the enemy combatants within. Almost immediately, the team began taking machine gun fire from another fortified enemy position only 12 meters away.

Sergeant Chapman deliberately moved into the open to engage the new enemy position. As he heroically engaged the enemy, he was struck by a burst of gunfire and became critically injured.

Sergeant Chapman regained his faculties and continued to fight relentlessly despite his severe wounds. He sustained a violent engagement with multiple enemy fighters, for over an hour through the arrival of the quick reaction force, before paying the ultimate sacrifice. In performance of these remarkably heroic actions, Sergeant Chapman is credited with saving the lives of his teammates.

In accordance with Air Force policy whereby Medal of Honor recipients are automatically promoted one grade on the first day of the month following the award, Sergeant Chapman will be posthumously promoted to the rank of master sergeant on Sept.

Although Sergeant Chapman will be awarded the Medal of Honor, family and friends have expressed his humility and how he would react today, if he were here.

In total, seven service members lost their lives during the Battle of Takur Ghar:Mining Pollution Debate Summary Though it has had many negative impacts on the environment in the past, mining is a vital industry completely necessary to our economy and lives. Philip Connors went up to the mountaintop to serve as a lookout - and he has come down with a masterwork of close observation, deep reflection, and hard-won wisdom.

This is an unforgettable reckoning with the American land. Based on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" in Why We Can't Wait, Penguin Books, We often view the Six Steps as a phases or cycles of a campaign rather than steps because each of them embodies a cluster or series of activities related to each of the other five elements.

Written in his inimitable “spontaneous prose” style, one particular short story that profoundly impressed me is “Alone on a Mountaintop”, which describes his three-month stay on Desolation Peak, in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State, as a .

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Alone on a mountaintop summary

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