An analysis of the book the sextants of beijing which view china from a western point of view by wal

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An analysis of the book the sextants of beijing which view china from a western point of view by wal

Waley-Cohen, a history professor, rebuts the myth of China as a closed society, hostile to outside influences.

An analysis of the book the sextants of beijing which view china from a western point of view by wal

She traces early Chinese contact--from B. This is a well-researched, fascinating look at what has been considered an enigmatic nation. Review by Library Journal Review Waley-Cohen, an eminent scholar and professor of Chinese history at New York University, seeks to debunk the stereotype of China as isolationist by providing a pithy analysis of Chinese history from the Tang dynasty to the present day.

Writing for the general reader, Waley-Cohen discusses numerous ways China has been interested in and open to foreign ideas including military developments, science and technology, trade, and religion.

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One interesting distinction is that the Chinese leadership has generally been distrustful of Catholic missionaries because they adhere to an authority outside of China i. The author emphasizes that the official rhetoric is much different from the reality: Chinese leaders realize the need to "transcend both the modern West and traditional China.the sextants of beijing Top Tag’s friends all quiet on the western front frederick douglass leadership definition pro choice french shark friendships importance of education letter from birmingham jail communication dreaming human rights electoral college.

View of the Forbidden City, Beijing from the peak of Jingshan Hill.

An analysis of the book the sextants of beijing which view china from a western point of view by wal

This view gives the impression of the overall design of courtyards within courtyards laid out symmetrically across a north-south axis. The strength of The Sextants of Beijing lies in Waley-Cohen's dual conviction that China's historical experience included both extensive interaction with the outside world and that China, far from desiring isolation, actively sought out ideas, goods, and technology from non-Chinese sources.

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Devoted to historical analysis from a global point of view, the Journal of World History features a range of comparative and cross-cultural scholarship and encourages research on forces that work their influences across cultures and civilizations.

Themes examined include large-scale population movements and economic fluctuations; cross-cultural transfers of technology; the spread of infectious diseases; long .

This source represents a politically American point of view on events such as the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. This website is worth investigating because it deals with the political memory of imperialism from the angle of a nation that participated but mostly remained on the sidelines. A book The Sextants of Beijing by Waley Cohen view China from a Western point of view. In this book Chinese emperors, Chinese governments, and Chinese people were engaged by the outside world, and wanted to study and learn foreign goods and ideas. The myth that Chinese civilization is monolithic, unchanging and perenially cut off from the rest of the world has long obscured China's diverse and dynamic history. Drawing on research, the author provides an accessible account of China's fertile relations with other Asian cultures and the West from the days of the Silk Road to the present.

Cohen‟s The Sextants of Beijing argues against the image of China that is frequently portrayed by the West, as an isolationist entity that is hostile to and ignorant of the rest of the world outside of its borders, and irrationally resistant to change and innovation.

An inviting history of China from the days of the ancient Silk Road to the present, this book describes a civilization more open and engaged with the rest of the world than we think.

Whether in trade, religious belief, ideology, or technology, China has long taken part in fruitful exchange with other cultures/5.

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