An introduction to the way to change a flat tire on a busy road

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An introduction to the way to change a flat tire on a busy road

Leaders must know when to adapt. This is where self-awareness plays a big part. In a word, they need balance. Extreme is almost never the answer. Anything can be taken too far. A leader must be able to where to be on any given continuum in any given situation.

Steadiness comes to mind. Or as the Romans termed it: Knowing what the tensions or the dichotomies are is the first step avoiding the trap of extremes. Willink and Babin offer twelve.

The bottom line that leaders build on is the first dichotomy: To care about your people more than anything—but at the same time, lead them.

But you also have to make decisions that will allow you to continue the mission for the greater good of everyone on the team.

Getting it right is caring. Own it All, but Empower Others The next tension is between micromanagement and hands-off leadership styles. You have to have to take ownership, but at the same time, give ownership.

You have to empower your team to lead, to take ownership.

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So you have to give them ownership. Resolute, but Not Overbearing When and where do you hold the line? They must set high standards, but they cannot be domineering or inflexible on matters of little strategic importance.

It can be expended foolishly, by leaders who harp on matters that are trivial and strategically unimportant.

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Prioritizing those areas where standards cannot be compromised and holding the line there while allowing for some slack in other, less critical areas is a wise use of leadership capital.

Instead of continuing to invest in one subpar performer, once a concerted effort has been made to coach and train that individual to no avail, the leader must remove the individual. The more discipline a team exercises, the more freedom that team will have to maneuver by implementing small adjustments to existing plans.

It was about collaborating with the rest of the team and determining how we could most effectively accomplish our mission. There were many times in my Navy career when, in an effort to prove my leadership, I failed to follow.

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And rather than strengthen me as a leader in the eyes of the team, it undermined my leadership. If you try to create a solution for every single potential problem that might arise, you overwhelm your team, you overwhelm the planning process, you overcomplicate decisions for the leader. Therefore, it is imperative that leaders focus on only the most likely contingencies that might arise for each phase of an operation.

Choose at most the three or four most probable contingencies for each phase, along with the worst case scenario.

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Be humble or get humbled. Humility has to be balanced by knowing when to make a stand. Staying humble is the key to developing trust with the chain of command. It was most often because they were not humble:Apr 27,  · Changing a tire can be as simple as these 10 Easy steps.

***Before attempting to change a tire, always consult your vehicle owner's manual for . All about Pai, Thailand, by Chris Pirazzi. Pictures, stories, bus schedule, maps, and links. Considering the amount of roadside services available, there simply is no reason anyone should stop and change their own tire on a freeway or a busy road.

One day in the life of 'Max Mustermann.' Fawema has been in business for 98 years and one of the key reasons for the company´s continued success, is the maternal way in which it brings young people, both male and female, into the firm, nurtures them and trains them in a .

2. Get off the road.

An introduction to the way to change a flat tire on a busy road

You need to pull well off the road and find a spot where the ground is level. It’s not a good idea to drive very far with a flat tire because it can damage your wheel, but it’s a worse idea to attempt changing a tire in the wrong conditions.A busy highway is a dangerous place, so try to find a rest area, weigh station, or other area away from traffic where you can do.

If you have a flat tire, drive slowly to a level spot that is well off the road and out of the way of traffic to change the tire. Stopping in traffic or on the shoulder of a busy road is dangerous.

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