Bush fire prevention essay

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Bush fire prevention essay

The suspected cause for these fires was the clashing of electrical powerlines with tree branches. Bushfires can be influenced by several factors.

It is primarily the weather conditions and geographical processes that dictate the behaviour and spread of a fire.

Drought plays an essential part in the environment desiccating determining the spread of a bushfire. Due to lack of rainfall, vegetation such as dry grasses, parched native shrubs and other combustible materials build up and become fuel for the fire to burn.

Before the Ash Wednesday fires Victoria suffered 10 months severe drought. The relative humidity also results in the right climatic conditions for a bushfire to occur. The relative humidity of Victoria was exceedingly low in the months leading to the bushfires.

This factor greatly contributes to increasing the speed of the fire. High temperatures are necessary for a fire to occur. Hot air from high temperatures is responsible for helping to lower the moisture content of forest vegetation, making the fuel more flammable.

February was one of the hottest and driest Februarys on record, with temperatures reaching a record Wind plays a major role in the spread of fires.

High winds provide the fires with oxygen to burn resulting in larger and stronger flames. In addition wind can also cause spot fires by blowing embers downwind. The wind movement on February 16 also resulted in many fires merging.

Weather conditions such as cold fronts also produce severe bushfire conditions. In southern Australia cold fronts are common and dramatically affect bushfires. Figure 2 shows the cold front as it headed towards Victoria on February When a cold front passes, the wind direction will change about 90 degrees and will also cause very hot, dry winds.

Figure 3 and 4 illustrates the cold front changing the direction of the fire, causing the long side of the fire to suddenly become the front. Southern Australia also experiences strong winds in summer, which result in increasing the damage of the fire.Australia Bushfire essaysAustralia is the world.

Australia is the world's driest continent, and drought and bushfires are regular occurrences that, sadly, are a natural part of Australia's weather cycle. Event.

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Bush fire prevention essay

Fire prevention is a function of many fire departments. The goal of fire prevention is to educate the public to take precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires, and be educated about surviving them.

It is a proactive method of reducing emergencies and the damage caused by them. Many fire departments have a Fire Prevention Officer.

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Bushfire Prevention Strategies The raw materials for any potential bushfire are the presence of fuel such as grass, leaves and twigs, oxygen from the surrounding air, and heat or direct flame. October Section 10 Fire Prevention and Protection This section sets forth the requirements for fire prevention and protection.

In addition to the fire prevention and .

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