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Comments on the wild swan

The eleven brothers were princes, and each went to school with a star on his breast and a sword by his side. They wrote with diamond pencils on golden slates and learned their lessons so quickly and read so easily that every one knew they were princes. Their sister Eliza sat on a little stool of glass and had a book full of pictures, which had cost as much as half a kingdom.

These children were happy, but they were not long to remain so, for their father, the king, married a queen who did not love the children, and who proved to be a wicked witch. The queen began to show her unkindness the very first day. While the great celebrations were taking place in the palace, the children played at greeting guests, but the queen, instead of sending them the cakes and apples that were left from the feast, as was usual, gave them some sand in a teacup and told them to pretend it was something good.

The next week she sent the little Eliza into the country to a live with a poor man and his wife. Then she told the king so many untrue things about the young princes that he gave himself no more trouble about them.

With a strange cry, they flew through the windows of the palace, over the park, to the forest beyond. It was still early morning when they passed the cottage where their sister lay asleep in her room.

They stopped over the roof, twisting their long necks and flapping their wings, but no one heard them or saw them, so they at last flew away, high up in the clouds, and over the wide world they sped till they came to a thick, dark wood, which stretched far away to the seashore.

One day passed just like another.

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When she was fifteen she returned home, but because she was so beautiful the witch-queen became full of hatred toward her. Willingly would she have turned her into a swan like her brothers, but she did not dare to do so for fear of the king.

Early one morning the queen went into her bathroom, which was all marble and soft cushions. She next called Eliza and helped her undress and get into the bath.

Comments on the wild swan

As Eliza dipped her head under the water one of the toads sat on her hair, a second on her forehead, and a third on her breast. But she did not seem to notice them, and when she rose from the water there were three red poppies floating in it.

She was too good and too innocent for magic to have any power over her. The king was shocked, and said she was not his daughter.

No one but the dog and the swallows knew her, and they were only poor animals and could say nothing. Then poor Eliza wept and thought of her eleven brothers who were far away. With great sadness she left the palace and walked the whole day over fields and moors, till she came to the great forest.

She had been in the wood only a short time when night came on and she quite lost the path, so she laid herself down on the soft moss, offered up her evening prayer, and leaned her head against the stump of a tree.

All nature was silent, and the soft breeze cooled her forehead. All night long she dreamed of her brothers. She thought they were all children again, playing together. She saw them writing with their diamond pencils on golden slates, while she looked at the beautiful picture book which had cost half a kingdom.

They were not writing lines and letters, as they used to do, but descriptions of the great things they had done and of all that they had discovered and seen. In the picture book, too, everything was living. The birds sang, and the people came out of the book and spoke to Eliza and her brothers, but as the pages turned they jumped back into their place in it.This is the moment a female tourist dragged a swan from a lake in Macedonia in order to pose up for a photograph, before leaving it to die on the beach.

Home» Comments on " the Wild Swan at Coole" by William Butler Yeats Comments on " the Wild Swan at Coole" by William Butler Yeats Coole is the paradise for art in Yeats’ eye, while the wild swan represents the eternal beauty.

The Wild Swans is a film released in and directed by Vladlen runtime of The Wild Swans is 30 minutes (00 hours 30 minutes). The leading star actors of The Wild Swans are Sigourney far the movie has been viewed 71 times.

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The Wild Swans. Sekai Meisaku Douwa: Hakuchou no Ouji; World Children's Classics: The Prince of the Swans; 世界名作童話 白鳥の王子 Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers (posts like "X is the Beast Titan" "X is Y's brother") that are clearly not theories or .

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