E asttle writing assessment topics

We have been implementing the survey for the past 3 years at Hornby. The survey provides us with valuable insight into how our pupils view themselves as learners and how staff and the wider community contribute to positive learning outcomes.

E asttle writing assessment topics

e asttle writing assessment topics

Posted by Ms Hunt Introducing my other half Following on the twenty year theme, my husband and I are unusual in that we have both been in the same professions for our entire working lives.

Once upon a time, our salaries were even comparable. I find it fascinating that our very different professional worlds he gets bonuses and paid social events are using more and more of the same language and thinking.

Never mind leadership, get on with your job.

Professional Development Journey

Summary of the article The article suggests that sending staff on leadership training is a waste of time, as there will only ever be a limited number of leadership positions. The researcher quoted also said that more industry recognition should go to followers than leaders.

Leadership in schools One of the special characteristics of schools is the range of groups we are involved with. I am in two small curriculum groups, within one larger faculty, a PLG, a committee, a working group, a mentoring group, and a whole staff group. All of these groups have different leaders, and my role in each is different, from unchallenging follower, to active participant, to expert, to transformational leader I hope!

The recognition of alternative career pathways, particularly through the IES, could change this practice. I admire the skills of people who can see a process through, sort out the details, who you can rely on to just get on and do it. I think any big-picture thinker would agree.

A team needs all sorts of skills, thinking habits and work habits to get on, never mind to grow, develop and innovate. Education has so many teams, pathways, and directions available that I believe there is still potential for many, many leaders.

I agree that there are good leaders and bad leaders, and that leadership training is not yet available for all when it is needed.

Looking in: Mapping representations of teachers' discursive writing practices - CORE

I also agree that teams need all sorts of skills. While I believe that some of the followship traits of discipline and attention to detail are key skills for our students, I would also argue that leaders need these traits too.

Can you imagine working in a team where the leader had none of these? Less hierarchical structures, and a mindset that encourages multiple values are the way forward.Use of e-asTTle is voluntary, with about half of all schools in New Zealand currently using e-asTTle on a regular basis.

e-asTTle is diagnostic of student strengths and weaknesses within each test, and provides additional information of performance relative to national or .

Below you’ll find reading and writing rubrics for teachers, for classroom and home school use. There are several different rubric formats available including rubrics for reading response, reading journal assessment, reading comprehension, peer reading review, essay writing and more.

Topics you may wish to consider are included over the page. e-asTTle for reading and writing. numeracy assessment tools. National Standards.

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Secondary Planning and Assessment and its intent. formative assessment using data. e-asTTle. standards alignment for NCEA. motivation. Consistency in writing assessment using e-asTTLE is achieved. Continue to develop e-asTTLe as a tool in Valley School.

Sharyn, and literacy team. Teachers select and schedule mathletics topics that reinforce taught concepts.

e asttle writing assessment topics

Completed and on going Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (asTTle) asTLLe - Progress Indicators. This matrix provides access to the learning intentions for level two to six across the following writing styles.

Links to School Journals the works - very good ; asTTle (Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning) Writing examplars ; e-asTTle. z/topics/bes Road safety as a context for learning!! Using assessment information to know about, and plan for, teaching and learning, including e-asTTle.

E-asTTle writing has been revised and new rubrics, writing prompts and exemplars are all available on this site.

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