Hai di lao hot pot

The blog post hits over 42K views peanuts to those famous bloggers, big deal to me, heehee I have been eating around, but so far I didn't find another better steamboat place of similar pricing other than Hai Di Lao. Initially was thrilled when we know that Hai Di Lao was opening another branch at Orchard.

Hai di lao hot pot

So the good news, it opens up to 6am daily, and I get the important information out first the reservation numbers are and Founded inHai Di Lao is a Sichuan style hot pot restaurant, integrating features of hot pots from various regions.

Its strategy was to change the standardised Chinese restaurant model, to provide innovative and personalised services. For the Plaza Singapura branch, I was given keropok crackers while waiting.

I also noticed a massage chair and photo booth where customers would be given a one-photo print-out. I liked the ambience of this branch.

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The vibes were energetic, staff extremely friendly as usual and getting a window seat meant you could people-watch the shoppers at Orchard Road just outside. Service was almost faultless.

Staff pass you an apron, provide a plastic cover for your phone, cover your expensive bag, ask if you are thirsty and pour you drinks, pass you fruits, call shuai ge handsome and mei nv beautiful even before the meal starts.

I wonder how their training manual is like. I previously had Laksa soup base at Vivocity and loved it, especially when paired with noodles and vegetables. The tomato soup base, with a slight acquired taste, remained as our favourite. The hand-pulled noodles remains as one of its highlight.

Typically with staff trained at each outlet, they are dedicated specifically to perform theatrics while preparing the noodles.

Hai di lao hot pot

But this made a lot of difference, taste wise. Mine was roasted peanut with HDL chilli sauce and sesame sauce hahaha.“Stop whining about the long wait,” says one Yelp review about the new Hai Di Lao Hot Pot branch in Cupertino..

That’s because those who know about the globally popular Chinese hotpot chain “understand eating here is almost like a religion, just like lining for the new iPhone,” the reviewer said. Hai Di Lao (in Chinese: 海底捞) is a popular hot pot restaurant chain with eateries in 35 Chinese cities, and 6 branches overseas[1].

The hot pot restaurant business is extremely competitive because it is quite challenging to distinguish oneself from others in .

Seafood pot. Authentic seafood. stock made with. shrimp, crab, oyster and mussels. Unsuitable for. customers. that are allergic. to seafood.

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Angus Prime combo. Marbled Beef combo. Lamb shoulder combo. Bamboo fungus. Contains a variety of amino acid, vitamins and inorganic salts, it may strengthen your body and sooth your spirit.

Shang Pin Hot Pot Vs Hai Di Lao Hot Pot – I Eat And Eat

Founded in the Sichuan province of China way back in , Hai Di Lao's chain of hot pot restaurants opened its first ever overseas outlet in Singapore in December , and has since expanded to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and even US. Hai Di Lao is an upscale hot pot restaurant in Arcadia that’s ideal for a fun group outing.

Sep 07,  · When I think of Hai Di Lao (HDL) Hotpot, I think of the people sitting around at its doorstep and long queues.

Although I’ve heard many of my friends rave about how good the food is, I am deterred by its long queues.

HaiDiLao Hotpot