Online research repository of ucu

I lecture mathematics and research mathematics education and assessment. Prior to this I worked as a Research Assistant on many projects at several universities, and was a school teacher for ten years.

Online research repository of ucu

Its policies and practices are designed to create a healthy digital culture and to render the University a trusted source and user of digital information and data.

We seek to adopt and support national standards around file creation and storage and metadata and to maintain a robust governance framework in the interests of all users and stakeholders. In accordance with academic regulations digital copies of theses associated with the award of post-graduate degrees at UCLan are also deposited on the Research Repository - CLoK.

Authors retain their copyright unless this has been explicitly transferred to a publisher or other third party via a Copyright Transfer Agreement CTA. In uploading work to the research repository - CLoK, or asking an administrator to do so on their behalf, authors grant UCLan the non-exclusive right to to store, manage and make available on the internet the work in any digital format that is necessary to maintain the integrity of the work and its accessibility in perpetuity.

This is done with the understanding that it is the authors responsibility to ensure they have the right to deposit the work and to grant this license. Journal Articles and Book Chapters on CLoK The University of Central Lancashire has an Open Access Policy internal only which follows the principle that the results of research that has been publicly funded should be freely accessible in the public domain.

Deposit includes the registering of bibliographic details of the work and deposit of the full text, usually in the form of the Author Accepted Manuscript or the version of record.

The version deposited should be representative of the final published work. The Research Repository - CLoK facilitates the Open Access policy while enabling the interests of the authors and other owners of copyright in the works deposited to be respected and protected.

Adherence to Open Access policies takes into account publisher contracts and self-archiving policies. The Research Repository - CLoK offers restricted access and embargo functionality and links to JISC services that aggregate publisher and funder information Open Access policies to assist with policy discovery.

Theses Univeristy of Central Lancashire academic regulations require that theses and dissertations submitted as part fulfilment for qualification for research degrees are presented in an electronic format and that these are deposited on CLoK.

Online research repository of ucu

However, as unpublished works, Copyright in theses and dissertations remain with the authors. Therefore, we require that a licence to store, distribute and manage the work is also signed by the submitting student.

UCU members vote in favour of USS proposal - University of Reading

This licence is non-exclusive, does not prevent the student from granting similar, non-exclusive rights to others or from publishing the work, or parts thereof, themselves.

Where there are specific reasons why a thesis cannot be made publicly on and Open Access basis these can be stated and access to the work will be restricted either indefinitely or for a set period. These reasons will be included in any consideration of any Freedom of information requests.

Authors should consider whether their thesis contains: Substantial amounts of material where the Copyright is owned by a third party — possibly a corporate partner or sponsor of the research Information which could, if made publicly available, compromise a patent application Materials that are the subject of confidentiality agreements or that may compromise personal or commercial confidentiality They should also consider whether they intend publishing journal articles of books which will substantially reproduce the work presented in their thesis.

Positive answers to these questions do not preclude deposit or Open Access availability of the thesis as long or short term embargoes, redaction and removal of parts of the materials to hidden appendices allow us to comply with the academic regulations while protecting the rights of the author and any third parties.

Deposit of theses on CLoK requires acknowledgement from the author of these issues and a declaration that publication of the work on CLoK will not to their knowledge infringe the rights of third parties. This is in line with the declarations required by publishers of academic journals and books Copyright Responsibilities Responsibility for the content of works uploaded to the repository lies with the authors and creators of the works.

The deposit process requires that researchers and research students declare that they have the authority to deposit work and that they have exercised due diligence in ensuring their work is original and that they are not infringing any intellectual property laws or other legislation.Sponsored by the British Academy, and hosted at Oxford’s DPIR, the open access online course was a collaborat ive initiative with museums, universities, research institutes, and .

repository record for this item and our Policy Document available from the repository home research was carried out in the summer of , as the Bill progressed (UCU, focus group, 4/6/16).

According to these respondents, members are thinking about what is needed. The repository is where you can access the world class open access research from the University. Articles form a wide range of research groups and across the Institutions  · The University of Sydney Library's repository contains research outputs primarily comprising traditional publication types.

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Many academics manage data collections within databases and spreadsheets using metadata dissimilar to the repository's Dublin Core schema. During and the author explored issues surrounding submission to the repository of a small range of research data Sponsored by the British Academy, and hosted at Oxford’s DPIR, the open access online course was a collaborative initiative with museums, universities, research institutes, and .

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) - UCU Survey Report October The majority of university staff are unhappy with the method used to assess the research done in UK higher education institutions, and would like to see it reformed, according to the result of a UCU survey which took place during the summer of

Online research repository of ucu
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