Organizational structure integration and manufacturing performance

Submit your articles to scsrjournals scholarconsult. Volume 1, Issue 3 July,pp 28 - 41 www. This study examined the Organizational structure, function and performance of agribusiness enterprises in Nigeria. The subjects in this study consisted of key employees from agribusiness companies.

Organizational structure integration and manufacturing performance

Thompson defined three types of interdependence to describe the intensity of interactions and behaviors within an organizational structure. The study of interdependence helps business owners understand how the different departments or units within their organization depend on the performance of others.

Pooled Interdependece Pooled interdependence is perhaps the loosest form of the three. In this type of interdependence, each organizational department or business unit performs completely separate functions. While departments may not directly interact and do not directly depend on each other in the pooled interdependence model, each does contribute individual pieces to the same overall puzzle.

This creates an almost blind, indirect dependence on the performance of others wherein one department's failures could lead to the failure of the overall process.

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Sequential Interdependence Sequential interdependence occurs when one unit in the overall process produces an output necessary for the performance by the next unit. Perhaps the most obvious example of sequential interdependence is an assembly line.

According to the Proven Models website, "The demand for coordination to prevent slowdown is greater than for pooled task interdependence. Reciprocal Interdependence Reciprocal interdependence is similar to sequential interdependence in that the output of one department becomes the input of another, with the addition of being cyclical.

In this model, an organization's departments are at their highest intensity of interaction. Reciprocal models are the most complex and difficult to manage--the Business Intelligence website notes that "one unit can change the rules and affect everyone else at any time.

For example, a pooled interdependency requires standardization in rules and operating procedures, while the coordination methods for the other two interdependencies are slightly more flexible.

Organizational structure integration and manufacturing performance

A sequential interdependency is managed through mildly adaptive planning and scheduling, while reciprocally interdependent departments are managed through constant information sharing and mutual adjustments.Dean Meyer has been studying organizational structure for over 30 years, and has implemented open, participative, principle-based restructuring processes in dozens .

Horizontal organizational integration, design integration and technological integration have positive promoting effect on manufacturing performance.

Technological integration plays mediating effect between horizontal organizational integration and manufacturing performance. The High-Performance Manufacturing Organization. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global The High-Performance Manufacturing Organization manufacturing.

But organizational issues—matrix structures with multiple inter-faces, proliferating roles and responsibilities, a structure that is no longer aligned. Moss Adams leadership is composed of our executive committee, our firmwide National Office leadership team, and our office, industry, and service leaders, all accountable for advancing the vision and mission of Moss Adams.

Examining the effects of organizational structure on time-based manufacturing practices should also consider the impact of those practices on performance (Hypothesis H9) (Damanpour, , Klein and Sorra, , Cheng and McKinley, , Hage, , Rogers, , White and Hamermesh, ).

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| Advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) includes such technologies.

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