People first language

An Unholy Crusade by C. Vaughan is a frequent contributor to these pages and a scholar in the field of disability.

People first language

This mindset begins with the language we use.

People First Language focuses on the central idea that defining a person by name Jane or role Aunt, Sister, Friend and not disability helps others see potential rather than limitations. This might mean highlighting some of the many ways Foothold Technology embraces the importance of People First Language within the database itself.

People deserve the respect of being identified as a person first, rather than being solely characterized by perceived limitations.

The Arc | People First Language

For those less familiar with the concept of People First Language, I always recommend starting your journey by reading this helpful information compiled by The Arc.

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People first language

With roots and origins in human services, no software vendor is better prepared to support you than Foothold Technology. For more information, visit footholdtechnology.The insistence on using people-first language is seen as a distraction from what is really being communicated, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of similar .

People-First Language: An Unholy Crusade

People First Language It emphasizes each person's value, individuality, dignity and capabilities. The following examples provide guidance on what terms to use and which ones are inappropriate when talking or writing about people with disabilities.

The use of people first language such as "a person with schizophrenia," "an individual with bipolar disorder," or "people with mental illnesses," on the other hand, recognizes and communicates that the people being referred to are first and foremost multidimensional human beings like everyone else but who, secondarily, have a disability with.

People First Language is not about "political correctness," but about good manners and respect. Our People First Language poster and bookmark can help educate others on the importance of using more respectful and accurate language! People First Language to use. People with disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities or he has a cognitive disability.

My son has autism.


She has Down Syndrome. She has a Congenital disability. He is a person with a seizure disorder. He uses a wheelchair. Isn't the very point of people first language to try and get people to not be judgmental when they meet a person with a disability, rather than taking the time to get to know the person?

And yet, when a person doesn't get the language exactly right, aren't they judged by social workers and dismissed immediately in exactly the manner people.

People first language
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