Scholarship detective

The award recognizes an active sonographer instructor who is attentive to cardiovascular sonography professional values and who exhibits values of leadership and dedication to the field of echocardiography for past, current and future cardiovascular sonographers. There is no age limit for this award. Excellence in Teaching in Pediatrics Award Recipients: These individuals have a career in cardiovascular ultrasound spanning at least 25 years and are recognized at local, national and international levels.

Scholarship detective

From left to right: Jared Mahaffey, Kylie Brecheisen, Dr. Mac, Trevor Turner; Back row: Ninety-four students and several mentors from various Oklahoma colleges and universities attended. The purpose of the meeting was to teach students field techniques in aquatic invertebrates, botany, entomology, fermentation, geology, herpetology, ichthyology, mammalogy, mycology, and ornithology.

Mac and his crew led the ichthyology field trip. They were successful in seining several fishes, including logperches, brook silversides, longear sunfishes, largemouth basses, grass pickerel, bluegill, and mosquitofishes. Students gained an appreciation of the ecology and natural history of many animals and generally had a great time in the outdoors.

Crew preparing to count fish. Best find of trip, Sequoyah slimy salamander, Plethodon sequoyah. An endemic salamander found nowhere else on Earth! Posted in News Comments Off on Dr. Or in this case, teaches.

Cardiovascular Sonographer Distinguished Teacher Award

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She is a full-time faculty member at McCurtain County.Watch out for these 10 signs that a scholarship isn't legitimate. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Established in , this biennial award is open to either a sonographer or physician member for his/her exceptional commitment and skill in teaching pediatric echocardiography, who has been a mentor to students and serves as a role model for the profession, and who fosters a sense of clinical excellence and research investigation in the individuals they teach.

Guzman-Feliz, an aspiring police detective, was a member of the NYPD's Explorers program when he died.

Scholarship detective

As a branch campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University-McCurtain County Campus has a commitment to student success.

Along with our community college partner institution, Eastern Oklahoma State College, we offer accredited courses under the guidance of the Oklahoma State .

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This guide contains the details of over 5, databases or "systems of records" in which the US Government maintains information on individuals.

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