Six wives of henry viii

The film is a biographical film based on historical facts with little artistic freedom taken and little embellishment. All the characters in this film were historically based with seemingly no fictional characters. According to the film, their marriage was not always a very happy one and one that was filled with many disappointments.

Six wives of henry viii

I will write a more detailed one about them later in separate posts. The Tudor Dynasty has been one of my favourites in History. Actually the 16th century is probably one of the best historical era everywhere in the world e.

The ironic twist is this: All in all, 16th century England has been one of the most dramatic periods in History Here is a summarised version of Henry VIII's six wives in a form of a song: However, Prince Arthur died before he could be king.

Everyone thought Henry's reign would be a very promising one indeed, with a merry court and a young monarch. This was very much different from his father's court which mostly consisted of old and dull men, battered from the War of the Roses.

According to historical records, even Prince Arthur was considered a rather dull and uptight boy. It was no wonder everyone believed Princess Catherine when she claimed her marriage with Prince Arthur was not consummated due to his impotency; hence she was allowed to marry Arthur's younger brother, the next Prince of Wales.

The bright and merry Henry was said to be very much in love with Catherine then, maybe because he was always regarded as a shadow of his brother thus wanting everything that belonged to Arthur.

It may also be due to Catherine's beauty since she was highly regarded for her looks-- even Henry's father once considered to marry her after his son's death!

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Whether Catherine was indeed Arthur's lover, no one knows. Their marriage was a happy one in the early years. However when years have passed the only surviving child in their marriage was Princess Mary Tudor.

With the Queen unable to bear a surviving heir and the King in his prime age, Henry VIII lead on a prodigal lifestyle with many mistresses. One of his mistresses, Lady Elizabeth Blount, who was the Queen's lady in waiting was able to bear him a son, and that made Henry VIII believe that the reason why he was unable to bear a male heir is his sin to marry his brother's wife.

He excused himself by claiming that Catherine's marriage with Arthur was indeed consummated, and he had been living in deception. Henry's eldest child, Princess Mary later known as Bloody Mary.

She had lived in mockery and was justifiably one of the unhappiest lady in Christendom. Sometimes her life was threatened by the King.

Six wives of henry viii

She was a pious Catholic and was against religious reform Queen Catherine was no longer remembered as a great beauty nor a daughter of one of the most powerful monarchs in Christendom. After being a neglected Princess Dowager and then a Queen Dowager, people viewed her as a fat, quiet, solemn, helpless lady who was way older than her "husband" the King of England.

Even though she had won the hearts of the citizens and had the Emperor of Spain and Rome's backing, the King had decided that he should be the supreme head of the Church of England, with the support of his lover, Lady Anne Boleyn.

Queen Catherine died alone, in an outcasted place. Her death was probably due to depression and isolation, since she was not allowed to see her daughter for years; she will not submit that her marriage with Henry was indeed annulled and invalid.

While her deathbed wishes and prayers were about Henry's well-being, King Henry celebrated upon knowing that his stubborn wife was no longer able to oppose him with his marriage with Anne Boleyn. Modern medical experts are in agreement that Catherine's cause of death was poisoning.

Catherine's heart had also blackened during her embalming. The change of religion from Roman Catholic to Protestant to rid Queen Catherine and his marriage changed the lives of many in England.

During the Tudor Era, the "right" religion is highly dependent on who was the ruling monarch. The cost of not obeying the Monarch's religion and not repenting to their "sins" was to be burnt to death Wife 2: I have been hearing a lot about her since I was a child.

Mostly because people like to describe her as the most travelled ghost in Britain. There have been a lot of "sightings" of her unrest spirit especially in the Tower of London. Anne was the sister of King Henry's favourite mistress at one point of time.

He probably fell in love with Anne the longest and deepest in his entire lifetime longest marriage would be with his first wife though.

Six wives of henry viii

Causing a chaos in his country just so he could be with her was just one measure of how much he loved her, because if there is any woman he must have hated most in his life, it would also be Anne Boleyn.Six wives, six very different characters who influenced the king and history in a tale full of ‘what ifs’ and ironies.

Not least is the irony that, despite Henry’s hankering for male heirs, his daughter by Anne Boleyn would prove to be one of England’s greatest monarchs: Elizabeth I. Marriage to Henry VIII: 12 July – 28 January (3 years, 6 months, 16 days); his death at the age of Ancestry.

Henry was distantly related to all six of his wives through their common ancestor, King Edward I of England, through more than one ancestor.

Henry VIII and His Six Wives is a feature film based upon the BBC miniseries The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Keith Michell weathers several makeup changes as the much-married titular ashio-midori.comry: Drama. The Six Wives of Henry VIII Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived! The 6 wives of Henry VIII - that lower left painting is spectacular, by Hans Holbein!

Wallpaper and background photos of The six wives of Henry VIII for fans of Kings and Queens images. It may be cloaked in silliness, but Six makes some serious points about female victimhood and survival.

• At Arts theatre, London, until 22 January. Box office: The story of Henry VIII and his six wives has passed from history into legend taught in the cradle as a cautionary tale and remembered in adulthood as an object lesson in the dangers of marrying into royalty.

Six Wives of Henry VIII