Technology park malaysia corporation

Technology Park Malaysia TPM TPM will enhance its role as a provider of advanced infrastructure with the provision of expert and specialist support services that are designed to catalyse the development of knowledge based economy. A strong foundation of results producing initiatives is instrumental in providing a strong launch pad from which this transformation of TPM will take place. TPM is now into its 4th Generation Incubation Model which has seen it grow from a space leasor and facilities provider capacity to include the provision of specialised and advisory in its comprehensive and integrated technopreneurship programme. As a market leader, TM is driven by stakeholder value creation in a highly competitive environment.

Technology park malaysia corporation

TPM is managed by specialized professionals whose main aim is to increase the wealth of the community by promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness in its associated businesses and knowledge-based organizations. Spanning acres, its first phase comprises 12 state-of-the-art buildings with specific functions.

The latest addition to Phase I is the Enterprise 4 building, which is an intelligent building designed to service the physical needs of high-tech companies, enabling them to be service providers to the MSC, the rest of Malaysia and the world. TPM Company Management Team is responsible for sourcing the most progressive and innovative tenant companies that can also create synergies within TPM.

We obtained data by first selecting three topics from which we have covered in our lectures. Then we composed a set of questions to be asked during the interview. During the interview the questions were asked, we jotted down the striking points from the answers given by Mohammad Nazdim Ahmad Ezmi, Executive Marketing and Business Development.

In addition, we also recorded the entire interview of which we used to add up other points that we forgot to note during the interview for this report and presentation.

In this report we are going to deal with the following topics; Business environment, Individual at work and Organization structure. Environments are divided into two main categories, Controllable and the Non-controllable Environment, and they work in a butterfly effect system which means alteration of any environment can affect the other and so on.

Technology park malaysia corporation

They can be controlled in the sense that the organisation dictates the quantity and how much to be used depending on their available resources and therefore differ from different organisations.

Refer to Exhibit 1.


Thus things like building are the equipments because they to provide accommodation to their tenants! These are Individuals or Groups that take into risk and invest so as to see the Company achieving the posted goals.

Adding on to the listed, each attribute is vital for the company existence but they must be balanced and considered equally in order to prevail in the market competition. TPM recognizes this and take hide to see each attribute contributes accordingly.

Due to this all facilities rendered by TPM are based on the above mentioned fields and not otherwise. The government of Malaysia plays the following roles towards TPM, since it practices mixed economy it acts as an entrepreneur, a planner and a promoter.

Technology park malaysia corporation

Entrepreneur The government may provide services through its own department or through its agencies. These include land parcel, enterprise, incubator and innovation areas. Incubator is for individuals and companies expanding from the prototype pre-production stage through to market testing and production.

Innovation, here individual entrepreneurs, scientists, software, writers, innovators and start-up entities at pre-production stage get areas to perform their work. These include the government policy on energy, transport, communication and many others as its long term plans.

TPM is also having TPM College whose work is to provide education in technologies to nurture the next generation of workers. In the long run, this will help to meet the expectations of the government by providing TPM and other offices with technological experts.

Universities, research institutes, venture financiers, technopreneurs and government regulators will come together at CTC to make technology a reality.

Macroeconomics shows how all the different elements in the business environment interact. The trade cycle is among the elements, it follows a pattern of recovery, boom, recession and slump.

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Since Decemberthe world has being experiencing a great financial crisis Recession. In doing so TPM is left with fewer clients. Ultimately, TPM earns lower han they used to before the financial crisis Recession. Example, it has laboratories for Physics and Chemistry for rental, something which firms like Cyber jaya does not possess.

In terms of services, TPM makes sure that it delivers hers services quickly. For instance, responding quickly to maintenance services such as bulb replacement.

Moreover, changes in technology can affect one or all functional areas in some way and links in the supply chain of an organization.

Such changes prompt TPM to change its functional areas by making sure that they provide proper an up to date gadgets such as UPS in their offices.

Due to the change in technology, TPM added Biotechnology facilities in its supply chain.

Entry Fees

These are basing on a physical person, ones range of abilities and ones personality.KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 20): Iris Corporation Bhd is forming a joint-venture (JV) with Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM) to jointly develop a residential project on a piece of land in Phase 3 TPM Bukit Jalil.

HALAL INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (HDC) HDC has been tasked to further boost the Halal agenda in terms of standards development, branding enhancement as well as commercial and industry development.

General Meetings Previous 1 / 3 Next. 28 Jun Annual General Meeting Venue: Banquet Hall 1, Level B2, Menara Felda, Platinum Park, No. 11, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur 28 Jun Extraordinary General Meeting Venue: Banquet Hall 1, Level B2, Menara Felda, Platinum Park, No.

11, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The The World of UAV Expo, organized by the Drei Sohne Technologies Deutschland Sdn. Bhd.

will take place from 16th May to 17th May at the Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Institution Profile Background of Institution. The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing graduates for significant roles in business and society globally.

APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning. TimurWest Consultant Sdn Bhd is a one-stop consultancy firm that provides specialized solutions to its clients. for Iskandar Malaysia under Iskandar Development Authority (IRDA).

Our role is to provide outsource services to foreign investment companies to comply with local authority requirements. and Technology Park Malaysia.

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