The role of quantity surveyor construction essay

It has seemed to me worth while to show from the history of civilization just what war has done and has not done for the welfare of mankind. In the eighteenth century it was assumed that the primitive state of mankind was one of Arcadian peace, joy, and contentment. In the nineteenth century the assumption went over to the other extreme — that the primitive state was one of universal warfare. This, like the former notion, is a great exaggeration.

The role of quantity surveyor construction essay

It was erected by Messrs. Cubitt, after the designs of Philip Hardwick, Esq. The proportions of this splendid erection are gigantic, and the portico may be considered the largest in Europe, if not in the world.

The diameter of the columns is eight feet six inches; their height forty-two feet; the intercolumniation twenty-eight feet, forming the carriage entrance; and the total height, to the apex of the pediment, seventy two feet.

It is built of Bramley Fall stone; of which, in this erection alone, above 75, cubic feet were consumed.

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Another very noticeable change would be to the size and speed of the rolling stock, made possible, in part, by the heavy around lbs per yard continuous welded steel rail laid on pre-stressed concrete sleepers in a bed of crushed granite ballast.

The New Euston, The area has changed greatly since the plans were drawn. At that time, it was populated mainly with market gardens and pasture: To Park Street, the line ran southward through fields of stiff clay pasture; from Park Street to Hampstead Road, its site was chiefly occupied by small and not very well tended market-gardens, and a little colony of firework makers had their cottages or rather huts in this intramural desert.

South of the Hampstead Road, the fields and farm buildings of a great milk purveyor reached nearly to Seymour Street. Passed 6th May However, to extend the line further south would have involved acquiring land from Lord Southampton, an implacable opponent of the Railway and a contributor to the parliamentary defeat of the first London and Birmingham Railway Bill.

Hence, the directors considered it prudent to avoid confrontation with the noble lord. The role of quantity surveyor construction essay, following passage of the first London and Birmingham Railway Act, attitudes towards railways in general began to change: The value of land adjacent to them had everywhere increased, in some places had increased enormously.

London residents began to see that it would be to their interest to get the London and Birmingham terminus as near them as possible; and Lord Southampton perceived that the extension of the line through his estate would greatly increase its value.

The necessary land was purchased, including a large tract at Euston from the Duke of Bedford, [ 5 ] and application was made to Parliament for an Act to authorise the line to be extended southwards from Camden Town: Having ascertained that no opposition will be offered to the measure, and the terms on which the quantity of Land required for this purpose may be procured from the respective owners, and that no more favourable or less expensive line of approach can be found, the Directors recommended to the Proprietors that this extension of the line should be adopted.

For a time this was considered possible, for while the Euston extension was being planned, the Great Western Railway Bill, then before Parliament, had been drawn up to reflect a ban imposed by the Metropolitan Road Commissioners on the line crossing certain highways to the west of London.

Sufficient land was therefore bought on which to construct four tracks into Euston and to accommodate both stations.

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Fortuitously, as things turned out, negotiations with the Great Western Railway Company broke down leaving the London and Birmingham with a wider trackbed into Euston and more land on which to site their terminus than the Company would otherwise have acquired, and which their operations soon grew to fill.

RA 3rd July The Act went on to set the character of Euston Station down to the present day, as a passenger-only terminus: And be it further enacted, That it shall not be lawful for the said Company to receive at their intended Station in Euston Grove, for the Purpose of Transport, or to deliver out therefrom, any Merchandise, Cattle, or Goods of any Description, save and except Passengers Luggage and small Parcels.

Passed 3rd July At Euston Grove they have a station of about 7 acres for the passenger traffic, and both stations are connected by the extension line. Passenger trains are to be moved on this portion of the railway, by a stationary engine in the Camden depot, and locomotive engines are to be employed on every other part of it.

At the Birmingham end of this line, the company have a station of about ten acres, which will serve both for passengers and goods.

The role of quantity surveyor construction essay

The arrangement of these stations, and the plans for the necessary buildings and machinery connected with them, have been maturely considered, and the contractors are under penalties that the various works in London shall be completed by June next with the exception of the facade of the Euston station for which three months more are allowed and the works in Birmingham by November next.

The entrance to the London passenger station, opening immediately upon what will necessarily become the grand avenue for travelling between the Metropolis and the Midland and Northern parts of the Kingdom, the directors thought that it should receive some architectural embellishment.

The Role Of The Quantity Surveying Construction Essay | Essay Writing The role of a Quantity Surveyor Managing the budget and contractual relationships of a building project Known in the industry as a Construction Cost Consultant or Commercial Manager, their role is to keep a close eye on project finances and contractual relationships. They make sure that the financial position of construction projects is accurately reported and controlled effectively.
PREFATORY NOTE George, Tucker's Town, utilities, water sports, Warwick, weather, wildlife, work permits. But because he persisted, Stephenson was arrested when preaching a service at the home in St.
Why choose this course? Railroads and Manifest Destiny.
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Contact Details Beginning inWellesley served at Dublin Castle pictured as aide-de-camp to two successive Lords Lieutenant of Ireland.

They adopted, accordingly a design of Mr. Hardwick for a grand but simple portico, which they consider well adapted to the national character of the undertaking.

In Decemberthe contract to build the Extension was let to W. The canal had to be crossed under heavy penalties for interfering with its traffic. The alteration of an inch or two of level in the great highways was a matter of keen debate in committee, and the execution of the parliamentary conditions was closely watched by the courteous vigilance of Sir James Mac Adam.

Nearly half the bridges that were constructed were insisted on in order to provide for future roads, and intended streets and crescents. The gradients were of, what was at that time considered, unparalleled severity, so much so that the idea of running trains propelled by locomotives from the terminus was laid aside; a powerful winding engine was erected at Camden Town, and a cumbrous but well considered apparatus of ropes and pullies was laid down, in order to draw the trains up the inclines of 1 in 75, and 1 in This building, which had a single-storey Greek Doric colonnade projecting along its western or entrance front, contained the booking offices.

At the north end of the shed are four corresponding turn-tables from which the four lines of way pass with a quick curve towards the first bridge, which carries Wriothesley Street over the railway.Construction During the construction phase the quantity surveyor will: Prepare recommendations for provisional payments to contractors.4/15/ Role Of The Quantity Surveyor Construction Essay Prepare tender and contract documents with the client and members of the design team.

Measure surveyors deal with a broad assortment of people including clients, designers, design applied scientists, building directors, applied scientists, contrivers, calculators, provider, attorneies and purchasers. + web files, a regularly updated Gazetteer, overall an in-depth description of our island's internally self-governing British Overseas Territory miles north of .

The role of a Quantity Surveyor. Managing the budget and contractual relationships of a building project. Known in the industry as a Construction Cost Consultant or Commercial Manager, their role is to keep a close eye on project finances and .

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The role of quantity surveyor construction essay

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