Want and respect

Recording[ edit ] At first a ballad"Respect" was written by Redding for Speedo Sims, who intended to record it with his band, the Singing Demons. Redding rewrote the lyrics and sped up the rhythm. Speedo then went with the band to the Muscle Shoals studios, but was unable to produce a good version. Redding then decided to sing the song himself, which Speedo agreed to.

Want and respect

Respect, Fear and Control in Education and Society In many countries it is now illegal to hit children in school. In some countries, such as Sweden, it is also illegal to hit them in their homes. One result of this shift in social thinking is that children are becoming less afraid of their teachers, and of authority in general.

In the past, the fear of physical punishment was often one of the main ways of maintaining control of the classroom and of society. The trend in many countries is away from this form of control.

I support this trend, but at the same time I am afraid we have taken away one method of control without replacing it with a better one. We have told the teachers you can no longer hit the children. But we did not tell them what to do instead. The result, according to many teachers, is sometimes chaos.

What is needed is another basis of control. I believe that respect is this other basis of control. But this respect must be earned and it must be mutual.

It cannot be forced or demanded.

Want and respect

It must not be confused with fear. If we confuse fear and respect we are returning to the use of fear. See sections on this confusion and on how to earn respect I believe there is actually an inverse relationship between respect and fear. See related story Where the student feels afraid of teacher X, there is likely to be little respect for the teacher.

If you now remove the fear from the equation, the student has neither fear of, nor respect for, teacher X. Now teacher X has lost control of the class. But if the teacher has earned the respect of his students, he still has a basis of control, even when the threat of physical punishment is removed.

Therefore he can be expected to have fewer problems maintaining control of the classroom. In fact, this seems to be the case in actual practice. Many educators have told me that the teachers who show respect to students have lower levels of discipline and control problems as compared to teachers who use punishment and threats.

See also Authority, Fear and Respect If a child or teenager is treated with respect at home, it is likely he will respond positively to being treated with respect at school.

But if he is hit at home and he knows that he can't be hit at school, the teacher's job will be more difficult.Love, acceptance, respect, to be desired, security, passion, are all things a woman may want in her relationship.

As a matter of fact these are basics that probably everyone wants.

What Men Secretly Want

Respect women the way you want to be respected. Treat them as human because, it turns out, that’s what they are. This includes discouraging disrespect from other men.

I don’t want you to think that the only way for you to get respect is by trading your husband for someone who grew up in a healthy home or was well trained by a healthy ex-wife.

Want and respect

Instead, I want you to start to understand your husband so that you can have the right attitude for creating change. How to Respect Yourself and Others. Respect is an overall evaluation you give someone based on many factors – what that person is doing with their life, how they treat you and others, whether they are honest or not and if they seem to consistently do good things, large or small, for other people.

Respect a woman for who she is even when she doesn’t fit your expectations. Men should not respect women only because they are their sisters, mothers, daughters or wives.

Men should respect women because they are people and people should be respected regardless of gender, color, race and religion. Respect has been around since the creation of man, to seem superior or higher up is a drive that most everyone has. Being respected is not so one dimensional, it can lead to much more in not only opportunity but on how people perceive you.

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