What are the moral lessons of coach carter

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What are the moral lessons of coach carter

What are the moral lessons of coach carter

Developing Honor and Integrity. Many people today are concerned — and becoming increasingly concerned — with the lack of ethics in our society today.

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In leadership roles it particular it seems that other factors often take precedence over this issue. One of the people who has his own opinion about the decline of ethics, especially in American society, is the author of this book, Dwight Johnson.

Mr Johnson has found a novel way to explain to us all why ethics matter and gives us a perfect example of how solving this issue can be approached. The bulk of the book is made up of a fiction story about a university sports coach. The Author, Dwight Johnson In this parable, the coach discovers that a popular and successful member of the volleyball team, Steve, has failed a drugs test.

In order to improve his performance during the game, he has resorted to these drugs. This throws the coach into a whirlwind of confusion and concern — how should he deal with this?

The coach realises that it will impact the whole department — indeed, it can have an effect on the university as a whole. And what about Steve himself and his future?

He realises that this is a situation that is going to need careful handling. Certainly he knows what the official procedure is but is that right? Is it the ethical solution? Does it go far enough? In this classic story, the villain of the pioece. These dreams — or visions depending on your interpretation — change his attitude and make him into a better human being.

The coach is surprised to discover that he too is visited in his dreams by not three but five ghosts, all of whom have aspects of solutions to his problem. Needless to say, these are easy to dismiss at first but before long the coach realises their value.

Can they really help him solve his problem with Steve and its ramifications? This is an entertaining book but nevertheless it demonstrates in a highly effective way methods in which an ethical lifestyle and approach can make a true difference in the world.

As the author says: Ethics are a growing concern in all sectors of American culture. From businesses to all levels of schooling, as well as nonprofit companies, the values that guide business and teaching criteria are under scrutiny.

But, does it take a scholarly textbook to understand how to create an ethical culture? No, Dwight Johnson has delved into the problems and presents practical solutions in his easy to read book, The Ethical Coach Leader: A fiction book that has universal application, Johnson creates an intriguing story about a college coach who finds out that his star athlete failed a steroid test, putting the coach in the cross hairs of an ethical dilemma.

During a couple of restless nights of sleep, Coach is visited by five ghosts: Each has different advice for Coach on how to resolve his ethical dilemma. With the dreams haunting his every waking moment, Coach also seeks advice from two of his former mentors.

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The lessons Coach learns can be applied to any industry, business, school or individual life. This is a must read book for anyone who has influence on others or is in a leadership role.

He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel who was a Squadron Commander three times and a Division Chief twice.5 Leadership Lessons from the Film Coach Carter As many of you will know, two of my biggest passions are sports and leadership, so whenever I get something that mixes the two I am doubly happy.

Today I watched the movie Coach Carter, not the first time I have seen it, but I do love this film, it has some great leadership lessons and also some.

Nov 05,  · The movie Coach Carter is all about morals. The story of Ken Carter, who returns to coach basketball at his former school, is based on true events. Rather than simply improving the team’s results, Carter truly believes he can improve his students’ lives.

Here are four leadership lessons we can learn from Carter’s approach. Coach Carter also adopted a Moral style of leadership. He made his team respect others, not using inappropriate words and try to make change towards what was good and right.

so that the students will have a future.

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Coach Carter was a type of Christ, he dealt with the cause of failure, the sin of having a lack of knowledge and setting for the low road; He also set standards for himself and was a role model for them.

I see someone else suggested Toy Story and I would agree all three have great leadership lessons. Mona Lisa Smile, Coach Carter, Oceans 11 (especially for stages of team development), and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The Greatest Leadership Movies. X. Dec 22,  · "Coach Carter" has a good lesson about high school "Coach Carter" A high school basketball movie that HeLpFuL ashio-midori.com N thE hooD Furious Styles.

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