What does softball mean to me

Speed training with a harness and resistance band is a great way to build up leg muscles and consequently body speed off the rubber. Here is a link directly to that page: Have your daughter look over the information here to make certain that she is getting a good pushback: It will help if you video 2 or 3 of her pitches from her throwing side to use the comparison of the photos in the article vs.

What does softball mean to me

Hey Dads, We Need to Talk Hey Dads, I want you to think for a second about the way you talk to your daughter or the way your husband talks to your daughter when she is practicing or playing a game. Is it in a good tone?

Now think for a second more. Are you being honest with yourself and is how you think you are talking to your daughter the actual way?

Book One. A little over a year ago, I gave a speech to the Auburn Tigers softball team. I did not give it at a banquet or any kind of official ceremony; I delivered it from the aisle of a tour bus. Hi I’m currently going to into my senior year of high school and I really want to go to Columbia or any Ivy League for that matter but I am a little worried I won’t get in because my freshman year of high school I got a D in geometry and a C+ second semester. Gerald Warner, Softball Pitching Instructor. We want to hear from you! E-mail or call us with any questions or recommendations that you might have concerning girls fastpitch softball pitching. Here are some of the questions we've received recently from other pitchers, coaches, and parents.

How you are talking to your daughter affects her far more than you know. This subject to me is overly important for many major reasons: Pat yourselves on the back.

YOU are making our sport better and working to make your daughter into a confident young woman. Dads, there are a few things I want to remind you. I promise this is only going to help me and you will thank me later… Separate work and practice. Ok, so you had a tough day at work we all have them.

Be a grown up and be able to compartmentalize work and softball. Come home in the afternoon and have a fresh start with your daughter and be able to put work away for a little bit.

Yelling is just plain awkward…for others around you. It makes others around you tight. Tightness does not lead to good physical results. Create an environment that makes others around you better; and an environment that does not consist of demeaning or reprimanding a player for lack of success or results.

What does the coach mean “trying to get you an offer?”

That yelling has the opposite results of what you want — for more than just 1 person. Learn a better way to communicate.

What does softball mean to me

I might be wrong here, but I feel like people yell because they feel like they cannot be heard. There are better ways to communicate than to yell. If you are trying to communicate something to someone and they are not hearing you, then it is your job to try to get through to them by finding a different way to word what you are saying.

Remember, we ALL communicate differently. When you are yelling, you are missing our on opportunities with your daughter to help her grow.

Communication is key in life, especially once softball is done. By teaching your daughter to communicate effectively, you are setting a good example around her for something that will benefit her future past softball. Want someone yelling at you at your job?The birds are singing happily, The sun is shining warm, The teams are playing snappily, And getting into form.

~"Romeo" Brooks, "Spring Fever," Baltimore and . For me body language is the hardest to control.

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I don’t have a problem yelling, but my tone and body language I know have adverse effects on my daughter. In the year since President Trump’s inauguration, Washington Post photographers set out to explore what unites Americans, through portraiture and audio interviews.

By Coach Marc. I came accross an interesting post on the average softball pitching speed.I thought I would share with you.

What does softball mean to me

The author mentions that obviously there are exceptions with some pitchers but she thinks that this reflects the reality. Coaching Youth Baseball and Softball. Drills for Youth Baseball and Softball. Practice Plans for Youth Baseball and Softball.

Batting Practice for Youth Baseball and Softball. Jul 07,  · Coaching softball means a few different things to me. Coaching softball means putting the best interests of your players/team ahead of your own. Coaching softball means making each decision based upon what you honestly believe is best for the team, not only for today, but for long term as well.

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