Why naruto is the best anime

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Why naruto is the best anime

Shippuuden Preview No Spoilers Naruto: Shippuden is the continuation of the original Naruto series set just two years later. Everyone that was introduced in the first part of the anime reappears in the second part of the anime, new and improved.

Every single character is stronger, wiser, and has a bigger motivation to become a better ninja.

# Female characters have become much less useless.

Naruto, had been training with Jiraiya in the last two years, and comes back to Konoha ready to tackle the task of saving Sasuke from himself and from darkness.

The series itself is one that has over episodes, and it is still ongoing! With countless power ups that will have you amazed, the plot of the story definitely moves along quickly and keeps you on your toes. Despite some of the pointless fillers that take up some time, the premise of the anime itself is one that comes with gorgeous animation courtesy of Studio Pierrot.

The themes that were originally present in the first Naruto anime are prevalent in the second part, however there are more serious aspects that present themselves as the anime goes along. Not only is Naruto, the ninja we all know and love, all grown up and much more skilled, but his bonds with his teammates and his friends are stronger than ever?

Haruno Sakura Bio Often in shounen anime, there is always a heroine that stands alongside the hero. Despite suffering criticism from the many fans of Naruto as well as Naruto: Shippuden, Sakura is definitely one of the more prominent female characters of the shinobi world.

Her role as a heroine is a little unconventional in that she is not timid nor is she obedient, but rather, she approaches her problems with the will of a huge fire.

Instead of always waiting for someone to come to her aid, she takes her own steps and forces herself to grow to become better. From when she decided to train harder to become a better medical ninja, to her top five highlights that truly let her character shine, Haruno Sakura creates the image of a truly human being, of someone who possesses ideal strength and will still allow her heart to guide her through situations where it is vital to be human; and not simply a ninja who endures.

Her medical ninjutsu has heavily improved since the last time we saw her, and she can now throw extremely powerful punches into the earth, much like her master.

In the first part of the anime, Sakura relies heavily on her teammates and her teacher. They all resolve to protect her when situations are dire and life-threatening, which may not necessarily change drastically in Shippuden, but it does change significantly when she is older.

Despite what had happened in Part One of the anime, Sakura does grow a lot in Shippuden! Having come from a family who was not notoriously known for being powerful, Sakura certainly sets a standard for not only medical ninjas her age, but medical ninjas throughout the shinobi world! With all the wisdom of medical ninjutsu and high-level techniques that drive Sakura to be classified as pretty badass, countless other ninjas have had their lives saved by her gentle and determined hand.

Some ninjas, like the ones who are close to her, are consistently saved by her once their lives are in danger. A perfect example of a ninja like that is Naruto. Not only does Sakura know how to heal people, but she knows how to do it well.

[SPOILERS] Why Naruto DOES have some of the Best Fights in Anime : anime

She ends up being a ninja who is very meticulous, caring, and compassionate. All of these qualities make her character seem to shine through and her shining moments glow ever brighter. Haruno Sakura Highlights 1. Creating an antidote to an unknown poison The very first moment where we see Sakura show off her newly polished skills is during the very first arc of Shippuden, when Gaara, who is now Kazekage, is kidnapped by two Akatsuki members.

Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi all rush to the Land of Wind to find that Kankuro had been poisoned by one of the two members, in an attempt to rescue his younger brother. The medical unit of the Sand was unsure of what to do, and thus, turned to Granny Chiyo?

The old woman refuses, however, and Sakura steps in, tying up her hair and asking for ingredients so that she can whip up an antidote. Sakura had merely asked a few questions before she requested herbs and equipment so she could start creating an antidote that would be incredibly specific for the poison.

Granny Chiyo, who originally had detested Konoha, came to slowly acknowledge Sakura as a medical ninja, and even she compared Tsunade to the pink-haired ninja. Naruto and Kakashi go on ahead to chase after the Akatsuki member who held Gaara in his possession, while Sakura and Granny Chiyo stayed behind to fight against the puppet master that had injured Kankuro, named Sasori.Naruto, a name which resides in every anime lover’s memory.

This anime has been ruling our hearts for a long time and even though we have been frustrated with the unlimited amount of fillers in between all these years, we still await thenext Thursday in hope that a new cannon episode will be out. Apr 09,  · But yeah, this is probably the best anime/manga out there.

And I feel like it has only gotten better now that Naruto has grown up. Reviews: Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you.

Why naruto is the best anime

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In truth, anime can be for anyone and there is a mountain of reasons everyone should at least give an anime series or movie a go before writing off the entire genre.

Here are five of the best reasons you need to watch anime right now. Many anime and manga fans agree that Naruto is one of the best series to come out of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump - the long-running manga is after all one of the best-selling manga series to date.

The show and its manga please fans to no end. Naruto is the best of best, the most exhilarating anime of all time. Naruto has it all, little romance, lots of action, martial arts, suspense, and etc. Why wasn't this number one I don't know, but I do know you guys should reconsider your choice of number one.

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