Why the world is getting smaller everyday

The biggest reason for this, of course, is the degradation of the human genome.

Why the world is getting smaller everyday

What the author was trying to convey is the fact that major advances in communications are bringing people closer. The internet is changing the way we think, work and relate to each other; and it turns out that people are more similar than we thought.

Manufacturing giants like Ford, Pepsi and Walmart have been running a global racket for years.

Why the world is getting smaller everyday

Tailoring their recipe or product to meet the different needs and requirements of local markets. But even if our consumption habits are beginning to merge, nothing has brought people so close together as the internet. We no longer have to wait for the news to project a distorted version of reality.

Social media sites have shown a light on previously dark corners of the world, highlighting consumer preferences, activity, and behavior. Consumers are literally eating up mobile apps of all kinds. Upon its launch in July of this year, the app was downloaded more than 7 million times in a week in the US alone, for Android and iOS.

Of course, Nintendo has a few things going for them that your company may not have yet, such as a recognized international brand name and a previously popular product.

But they still had to learn a thing or two when it came to mobile app localization. Namely, how you roll it out. In the Philippines, opportunistic hackers were able to bypass regional locks and download the game straight to their phones.

Nintendo also intensely irritated the Japanese people, who were enraged at waiting for an app initially in their own language to launch in other countries first. Localizing your app for Android and iOS worldwide will give you: If you launch your app in one language only, your visibility will be greatly reduced in foreign markets.

Unlimited Sales The number of mobile phone subscribers globally is set to reach 4. But the majority of apps are downloaded and deleted in minutes.

Fact or Fiction: The Days (and Nights) Are Getting Longer - Scientific American

Optimum localization of your app has never been so important. I could go on, but you pretty much get the point. Mobile app localization is essential if you want to conquer foreign markets.

This is true for both iOS and Android operating systems. This is where the fun part starts. Mobile app localization is not as simple as translating your app into Spanish or French for the Spanish or French speaking markets — which span multiple countries across different hemispheres with contrasting climates, cultures and beliefs.

Localizing your mobile app goes way deeper than that. A great app is all about user experience and the value it brings to your customers.

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You want your game, shopping, or pregnancy app to provide valuable information. You want to deliver a user experience that will make customers recommend your app to their friends.

You need to recreate the experience that you deliver your customers at home and what made your app so popular in the first place. Think About the Layout Just as when designing your website for a global audience, the issue of space when it comes to your app design is equally important.

So, when designing an app with localization in mind, make sure you think about the length of words and the fact that different languages take up different amounts of space. Keep your design flexible to accommodate these language discrepancies. Ensure that your app allows for the expansion and contraction of texts.

If you design with these considerations in mind, you should be able to use a single set of layouts for all the languages you support.

Luckily, when it comes to mobile app localization, the Android and iOS operating systems already provide a format for converting times, dates, times and currencies and other entitles that vary by locale.

So, use the system made available to you, rather than your own, as this will eradicate compatibility issues. Translators Need Context As any good product manager knows, translators need context to correctly convey meaning from one language to another.

So, when you send your resources out for the texts to be translated into regional languages, make sure you provide them with context. Giving translators context will greatly speed up app translation, where the size of the screen and layout can vary from one device to another.

The best way of testing is to establish a testing environment that includes multiple virtual devices and different screen sizes.Ecological footprint This indicator is an estimate of the amount of space on the earth that an individual uses in order to survive using existing technology.

This space includes the biologically productive land and water area that produces the resources consumed by that individual such as food, water, energy, clothing, and building materials.

Racism will continue to decline as the world becomes smaller and more social. Our environment will improve because kids in elementary school are being taught to care about the planet. Thanks to Technological Advances, the World is Getting Smaller Every Day.

Gil - Brookline, Massachusetts. Entered on December 21, Age Group: Under Themes: science. Sponsor This Essay. In recent years, our world has benefited from myriads of technological advances.

From the Internet to Hybrid automobiles, today’s technology is. Helping the world invest better since on everyday products for no additional cost.

or they can listen to a smaller selection of songs for free. They get access to Twitch Prime. Different poverty levels.

Poverty lines shown here include $1 a day, $ a day, $ a day, $2 a day (typical for many developing countries), $ a day (which includes a poverty level for some additional countries), and $10 a day, which a World Bank report referred to if looking at poverty from the level of a wealthy country, such as the US.

Why Mobile App Localization? I love this expression I found online the other day – “the world is getting smaller and smaller every day.” It made me stop and think for a moment, before searching for scientific evidence to support the fact that our world may be physically contracting.

Why is the world getting smaller