Wii encore case analysis

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Wii encore case analysis

Legends of Rock is similar to previous titles in the series. The player hits notes as they scroll towards the bottom of the screen in time with music to maintain their performance and earn points.

To hit notes using the guitar controller, the player hits the strum bar while holding down the corresponding colored fret buttons.

When the meter drops too low, the player fails the song, represented in-game by the band being booed off the stage.

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A string of 10 consecutive correct notes earns a multiplier to increase the player's score, which can occur up to four times. When the player has enough Star Power, they can activate it and further double the scoring Wii encore case analysis either by tilting the guitar controller vertically or by pressing a specific button on the controller.

Legends of Rock contains four difficulty levels: Easy, which uses three of the fret buttons; Medium, which makes use of four of the fret buttons; Hard, which uses all five fret buttons; and Expert, which adds no new fret buttons, but increases the number of notes and the general difficulty.

Legends of Rock has a cast of thirteen characters, which the player can further customize with alternate guitar skins and stage outfits using in-game money earned from successful performances.

Although Bret Michaels appears in the game and sings specific songs, he is not a playable character in the game. Legends of Rock features 8 tiers with 42 songs total.

Within each tier, the player completes a number of songs, the number depending on the selected difficulty level, before they are offered an encore performance of one additional song and complete the tier.

Wii encore case analysis

After a tier is complete, a new tier is introduced. Legends of Rock includes Career mode boss battles based on the game's multiplayer Battle mode; at three points during the Career mode, the player must compete against a boss character to progress.

Additionally, completing a song in Career mode unlocks it for play in all other game modes. Legends of Rock is the first game in the series to feature a storyline for the Career mode, portrayed through animated cartoon scenes between venues produced by Titmouse, Inc.

However, when the band attempts to break the contract, Lou reveals himself to be the Deviland their recording contract is actually a contract for their souls. Lou forces the band to play against him in the netherworld at "Lou's Inferno", but the band is able to succeed, forcing Lou to break the contract.

The band returns to the mortal world as "Rock Legends".

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There are six tiers of songs which the players complete in the same manner as the single player Career mode. The encore song for each tier is unique to Co-Op Career mode. There are no boss battles in this mode.

After their first performance, the drummer decides to make a video of the band. The video helps boost the band's popularity, and they soon earn a gig in Japan.

The band is forced to take a three-month hiatus to reconcile their differences of opinion on the band's future. Their comeback performance starts a neighborhood fire and places the band in jail. Lou arrives, offering the band to be freed from jail if they perform for the inmates.

However, after their performance, the band finds themselves in Lou's Inferno, and is forced to play a live show for the netherworld in order to return to the mortal world. Battle Power, shown below each Rock Meter at the top of the screen, is earned for completing marked sequences of notes and can be used to create distractions for one's opponent.

Legends of Rock feature online competitive play, in which the player can compete against another user through the console's network service. Legends of Rock is a competitive mode between two players either locally or over network play.Nitendo wii History and Case Study.

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