Writing a diary entry ks12

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Writing a diary entry ks12

Here are some facts and some pieces of key information about the Blitz, an important, yet terrifying part of World War 2. What was the Blitz? At one point during the Blitz, London was bombed for 57 nights in a row.

Did the people of Britain know that the Blitz was coming? Yes, the people of Britain did expect to be bombed by German air raids. The government did several things in preparation: Everyone was given a gas mask.

It was thought that the bombs might contain poisonous gas and the gas mask would protect the wearer from the deadly fumes. Lots of city hospitals were cleared so that they were ready to treat people who had been injured in the air raids.

Thousands of cardboard coffins were produced.

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Public air raid shelters were constructed and people built their own shelters in their gardens. Some men and women were made wardens and given the job of letting people into the shelters when the bombing started.

Bags were filled with sand and piled up to protect buildings. The Blackout was imposed on the British people click here to learn more about The Blackout.

writing a diary entry ks12

When did the Blitz start? The first air raid was carried out in the daylight on 7th September Over German bombers filled the skies over London, and they were protected by about fighter planes.

The bombing continued throughout the night. The first day of the Blitz was called Black Saturday as people were killed, many thousands were injured and many building were destroyed.

How did the British defend and protect themselves during air raids? Anti-aircraft guns were used to defend London and large searchlights were used to help the gunners to see the planes in the night sky.

Barrage balloons were floated above the cities to force the bombers to drop their bombs from a higher altitude, making them less accurate.

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The people of London started to use the London Underground as a giant air raid shelter. At first the government tried to stop this happening, but people forced their way in and, in the end, it became a way of life during the Blitz.

About 60, slept in the underground tunnels, which soon became cramped and smelly. Volunteers sometimes handed out hot drinks to boost morale. At least one station was hit directly, killing many of the Londoners who were sheltered inside.

Click here to find out more about air raid shelters and how their design changed during the Blitz. How were people warned that an air raid was on its way? When the first German bombers were spotted, a siren was started. This was incredibly loud and made a wailing noise.

Air raid wardens used wooden rattles to warn people of danger and help to lead them towards the air raid shelters. Apart from London, which other British cities were bombed by the Germans?

On 14th NovemberCoventry was bombed by the Germans during the night time.DESCRIPTION. Banking Back-OfficeProcessingData Dictionary TRANSCRIPT. Diary Host of ashio-midori.com Resume available upon request Cities: Alexandria: Services: Actress, Farms, Make-up and Hair Supply Tv, and theater.

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Emotive Words.

writing a diary entry ks12

Emotive language is made up of words that make you feel a certain way. Brimming with happiness. Mime the following emotive words: An ecstasy of pain – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on ashio-midori.com - id: 12aYmY0M Try to use emotive words in your own writing; About PowerShow.

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